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I tell stories, often with swearing.

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I believe this is the greatest time in the history of storytelling and I tell stories. I am a writer and director of indie projects in the forms of videos, comic books and novels.A couple stories I've made that you can watch and read, Vampire Mob, a live-action and graphic novel series, and PlayShorts, an anthology series with different stories, casts and tones.I've been a bunch of things in the past, Comedian, Performance Artist, Installation Artist, Private Investigator, Actor, Bartender, Background investigator, Video Editor, Camera Operator... all of which help me write stories and direct them. I also got to know a few members of the mafia when I bartended.Signed copies of Vampire Mob 1 & 2 available hereI am on Twitter, Instagram and The Facebook. Humans can email me [email protected] (real email address!)

Vampire Mob/PlayShorts

Currently, I have two live-action series you can watch, Vampire Mob, PlayShorts, and one comic book series, also titled Vampire Mob.If you're looking for a signed copy of Vampire Mob, links below...VAMPIRE MOB #1 - $5.00 (+ $1.75 U.S. shipping)
VAMPIRE MOB #2 - $6.00 (+ $1.95 U.S. shipping)
VMOB #1 & #2 - $10.00 (+ $2.35 U.S. shipping)
IF SHIPPING INTERNATIONAL, EMAIL ME Joe (@) for shipping costs.If you're looking for a Kindle or Comixology copy...VAMPIRE MOB #1
VAMPIRE MOB #2 (coming soon)
You can watch Vampire Mob and PlayShorts online, free!Coming Soon: Vampire Mob Issue 3 and "Bob Buries Things," my first novel!Any questions, email me! [email protected]

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